Making Ground
25 March - 10 June 2017

Making Ground is a collaborative land-based project between basket maker Annemarie O’Sullivan, ceramicist Elaine Bolt and photographer Rachel Henson.

The project has been based at a former brickworks near Horam, East Sussex,  where Annmarie grows willow beside derelict industrial structures and deep water-filled clay pits. Sourcing their materials from the site Annemarie and Elaine have taken dedicated time away from commercial pressures and specific outcomes; time to play and experiment, and to learn from what emerges.

Collaboration can take many forms; here Annemarie and Elaine have come together pooling material and technical knowledge and sparking new ideas, combining the materials of clay and willow to bring them together in new playful forms. The Making Ground site has offered a rich resource for the artists, enabling them to develop their collaborative interdisciplinary practice as well as their own individual journeys. Rachel has worked with them to capture and interpret this collaborative process and their interaction with the land.

Elaine Bolt is a ceramic artist living in Lewes, East Sussex. She has worked with clay for many years and exhibits widely in the UK. Elaine uses ceramics and mixed media to create objects that convey a sense of narrative and history. Her delicate ‘curious utensils’ blur the boundaries between the made and the found whilst her ceramic vessels play with the ideas of function and utility.

Annemarie O’Sullivan makes baskets and woven objects, which are a response to the materials she hand gathers from the land. Annemarie is passionate about seeing the making process through from source to finished piece. She uses weaving and binding techniques, which have been used for hundreds of years to create small-scale domestic objects through to larger-scale architectural forms.

Rachel Henson is an artist in the field of film and photography.



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