03 - 14 May 2017

An exploration of groupings and connections, this exhibition focuses as much on the space in-between objects as on the objects themselves. Each artist creates a landscape inhabited by a selection of work, developing dialogues and narratives across 126 centimetres. Personal worlds contained within an intimate space, stories unfolded in a linear way.

Tamar de Vries Winter
Daphne Krinos
Rebecca de Quin

Curated by Brian Kennedy for Studio Fusion Gallery to coincide with London Craft Week

Brian Kennedy is an independent curator in the craft and applied art area.

Between 2002 and 2010 he curated a series of major exhibitions for the Crafts Council of Ireland. Following this ‘Material Poetry’ and ‘Dubh – Dialogues in Black’ at the American Irish Historical Society, New York.

Other notable projects are ‘Crafted – Makers of Excellence’, Somerset House, London, 2013 and the Royal Academy, London, 2014. 2015/16,‘Taste – Contemporary Craft’, Art Geneva and 2016, Art Monte Carlo. Aug. 2016 a major international exhibition ‘Vase: Function Reviewed’ at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny and Oct. 2016 the second ‘In Residence’ for Oliver Sears Gallery in London.

In Oct. 2016 Kennedy was appointed Artistic Director for the Tresor – Contemporary Craft Fair, Basel, Switzerland, which opens in Sept. 2017.

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