Jewellery: Wearable Glass
03 Mar - 26 May 2018

In collaboration with the National Glass Centre.

Over the last forty years there has been a movement amongst artists to challenge how we wear, think of and value jewellery. By replacing gold, platinum and diamonds with materials of lower monetary value, like wood, aluminium and paper,  the aim has been to create jewellery that is ‘precious’ due to the design and craftsmanship. Despite this change in approach and perception very few leading jewellers create work in glass.

To redress this omission the National Glass Centre has supported a series of residencies to create new work featured in the exhibition Jewellery: Wearable Glass.

Four glass artists specialising in different techniques shared their expertise with eight jewellers who had ten days each to create experimental new work in glass.

This exciting new ‘wearable glass’ will be presented alongside the twelve artists’ more established work allowing the viewer to compare the difference between artists’ work in glass and jewellery.

The exhibition shows work by twelve artists in four groups:

James Maskrey –  Hot Glass
John Moore – Jewellery
Kate Haywood – Jewellery

Angela Thwaites – Cast Glass
Maud Traon – Jeweller
Emmeline Hastings – Jeweller

Joanne Mitchell – Waterjet Cut & Kiln Formed Glass
Kaz Robertson – Jeweller
Heather Woof – Jeweller

Ayako Tani – Lampworked Glass
Chris Boland – Jeweller
Christopher Thompson Royds – Jeweller

All images courtesy of the National Glass Centre. Photographer: David Williams.

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